At Everybody Has a Voice, we bring our workshop into schools working one-on-one with students and with groups on songwriting and producing songs. Every student is involved in every step of the writing and recording process. At the end of the session, we are left with a piece of original music that was created by the participants and it is something that everyone can feel good about.


In the workshop we:


  • find the direction of the song

  • create a drum pattern/beat from scratch

  • come up with musical parts for percussion, keys, brass and strings,

  • write lyrics

  • record all the instruments, singers and rappers

  • include every participant who will record at least one part

  • we put it all together, mix the parts  

  • then make the song available to download and listen to on EHAV’s Soundcloud page

EHAV’s Songwriting and Production Workshop has been designed to inspire and apply musical creativity while focusing on musicality, fun, and also in building confidence.


Groups are approximately:           

5-15 people


Length of workshop:                    

2 hour session with a break in between

Jenny Karr