Woodlake Elementary

Spring Session 2019

Hi Everybody,


Here is the final version of "Our World":-)


We had such a great time and everyone contributed in the "making of" with their beautiful voices, lyrical ideas and with the name of the band which is "CHANGERZ". 


I wish we could have made a video, but it was not in the cards for us this time. Hopefully next time. 



This is our home
And we need to treat it with respect
With all the creatures and the insects
And the bright bright sun will shine on everyone


So much to learn
And we need to think about the earth
We need to think about all the trees and all the bees
Making all the honey

All the flowers grow
After the snow

There is not just land

There is water too

We're keeping it green and

We're keeping it blue

The future is bright and

It's our hands

We gotta do everything that we can

So everyone everyone every-o-o-one

Everyone everyone every-o-o-one

Has to do their part to protect

Our world

It isn't too late

For everybody to reduce their waste

The save the dolphins, turtles and the lakes

And every place

So the future will be fun

Everybody has to do their part

To save the world

So the future will be bright 

For everyone

Jenny Karr