Song & 4 Week Curriculum

ALWAYS BESIATech - EHAV - Workshop

Everybody Has A Voice


Week 1


  • Who we are and 'Meet and Greet'

  • Talk about the process of songwriting and creativity and collaboration

  • Speak about the music industry and different types of opportunities

  • Come up with a concept or an idea and the style of the song

  • Begin putting musical ideas down


Week 2


  • Everybody share their idea of the lyrics 

  • Figure out and decide on a direction for the song

  • Rhythm, Melody, Concept, Feeling, Purpose

  • Begin recording sections of the song


Week 3


  • Solidify the style of the song and chords 

  • Laying out the structure of the song in Logic (Intro, Verse, Pre, Chorus, Verse, Pre,Chorus, Bridge, Outro)

  • Continue and finish the writing and recording of melody ideas and hooks

  • Talk about production arrangement instrumentation and the recording process


Week 4​

  • Bring in a music industry guest speaker for the last half hour

  • Record background and group vocals

  • Final Touches

  • Singing it together in the room (filming)

Jenny Karr